1. Scope

    • This privacy policy describes how Sassigen will treat customers' data.  When we say us, we, our, application, service or services, and Sassigen, we really mean us here at Sassigen company.  Furthermore, from here on out, we will use Sassigen, in general, to refer to us here at Sassigen.
  2. Types of Personal Information We Collect

    • Sassigen collects personal information that you provide to us when we provide you services such as processing your purchase of products on Sassigen's website or websites.  The confidential, personal things we collect from you are your name, phone number, address, email, and other personal confidential information you may provide to facilitate any transaction you make with Sassigen.
    • Sassigen may collect your credit card information and billing address.  Sassigen may also collect your purchase history, product views, bought products and returned products.
    • Sassigen may collect the information you post on Sassigen's social network pages.
    • Sassigen may collect messages that you make through contacting Sassigen's customer support service such as through the contact us form and whatnot.  
    • Sassigen may collect your age, gender, and geolocation such as your zipcode and whatnot.
    • Within the acceptance of the law, Sassigen may collect your driver's license number to facilitate the return of your purchase if you do not provide enough required return information such as order number and receipt information.
    • Sassigen may collect the type of device you use to access Sassigen's services, websites, and mobile platforms.
    • Sassigen may collect your IP address and other Internet-related resources that you use to access Sassigen's services and websites.
  3. How Sassigen Collect Your Personal Information

    • Usually, Sassigen gets your personal information as you purchase products on Sassigen's website or websites.  
    • Sassigen gets your personal information when you create an account with Sassigen's website or websites.
    • Sassigen gets your personal information when you share your information with Sassigen through customer support channels such as the contact us form and whatnot.
    • Sassigen may get your personal information from affiliates and other third parties that provide services to Sassigen.  For example, this could be a data analytic company.
  4. How Sassigen Uses Your Personal Information

    • Sassigen may use your personal information to facilitate a transaction you make with Sassigen.  Sassigen could share your address with a delivery service to deliver the products to you.  Sassigen could use your personal information to analyze how Sassigen could improve its internal services and other services to serve customers like you better.  Sassigen could use your personal information to understand you better so Sassigen could choose better products to serve your needs.  Sassigen could use your personal information to determine if you are really you so Sassigen could provide support to you if you need support from Sassigen.  Sassigen could use your personal information in an aggregation manner to help Sassigen create better advertisements and do a better job at marketing to improve Sassigen's bottom line. 
  5. How Sassigen Shares Your Personal Information

    • In some cases, you may unintentionally share your personal information through reviewing our products either on Sassigen's review platform or on other websites.  This is why you should be very careful when posting your personal information online.  If you're not careful, it's not Sassigen's responsibility to keep your personal information safe when you're actually leaking your personal information in public forums.
    • Internally, Sassigen may share your personal information with Sassigen's affiliates that may need such information to provide services to Sassigen.  A good example would be a delivery service.  Your personal information may automatically share with PayPal if you use PayPal to purchase products on Sassigen.  Right now, Sassigen uses PayPal to process your payments, and your personal information could be shared with PayPal directly as PayPal needs the information to facilitate your purchase of our products.  Sassigen may share your personal information with third parties to facilitate services that they provide for Sassigen.  A good example of this would be an analytical company.
    • To comply with the law, if the law requires Sassigen to share your personal information with the authorities by a court order or subpoena, Sassigen will have to comply with the law.
  6. Children Under 16

    • This privacy policy is not meant for children.  This privacy policy is meant for adults only.  Sassigen could not know who access Sassigen's websites and services as the Internet could obscure the identity of the user.  This is why children need the consent of parents to access Sassigen's websites and services.  Sassigen does not knowingly collect the personal information of children under the age of 16.  Sassigen strives to comply with The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.  If you are a parent and think that your children have shared their information with Sassigen without your consent, please use the contact us link on Sassigen's website or websites to let Sassigen knows about this, and Sassigen will do its utmost best to resolve this issue.  Please mark your inquiries “COPPA Information Request.” 
  7. Storage of Information

    • Sassigen's websites and services are subject to U.S. laws.  The storage of personal information is subject to U.S. laws.  If you're not from the United States, by using Sassigen you do agree that your personal information may be shared with the United States.
  8. Third Parties Links

    • You do agree that you do not hold Sassigen responsible for your personal information when you click on third-party links that you may find on Sassigen.  Third-party links are not in the control of Sassigen, so you do agree and understand that Sassigen has nothing to do with the personal information you share with third-party services directly.  Since third-party links are not within Sassigen's control, thus these links will not be governed by this Privacy Policy.  You may have to read the privacy policies on these third-party websites.  So, be very careful of how you want to share your personal information elsewhere.
  9. Changes In Privacy Policy

    • From time to time, Sassigen may revise the privacy policy.  By using Sassigen, you do agree that it's your responsibility to keep track of Sassigen's policy on your own time if you do care about how your personal information would be shared while using Sassigen's websites and services.  Sassigen reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time for any reason without notifying you.  By using Sassigen, you're acknowledged that Sassigen may change its Privacy Policy at any time without notifying you.

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