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We hope you like what you see on Sassigen's website. Sassigen prices most products very reasonably! Furthermore, Sassigen cares a lot about fashion, so Sassigen only wants to showcase to you what Sassigen thinks is trendy and fashionable. Sassigen thinks great fashion is a great statement, don't you think so?

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We are Sassigen..
Your fashion statement!

Great fashion makes a great statement! Sassigen loves to bring you affordable but fashionable products.

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We Are Serious

Sassigen does care about fashion, so Sassigen will try to source items that are fashionable. Sassigen will do its utmost best to source items that are tasteful and trendy.

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We Are Honest

Sassigen wants fashion to be trendy but also to be affordable at the same time. Sassigen will always try to price each item responsibly and respectfully. Most likely, each item will be priced at a very reasonable price.

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We Want Happy Customers

Sassigen will always try to fulfill customers' orders to its utmost best. This means Sassigen could go beyond normal attention for each customer's order such as Sassigen will try to fulfill the order as soon as possible so the order could be fulfilled as quickly as possible.

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We Are Creative

From time to time, Sassigen will make curation of products that Sassigen thinks are fashionable and tasteful. This often results in a new Sassigen collection. You can check out these fashion collections on Sassigen's homepage.

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Free Shipping When You Purchase Above $50

Free Shipping When You Purchase Above $50

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Vinh Nguyen

Founder The founder of Sassigen.

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